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Know the Story of People, Behind the Screen

Posi + Myth

Crafting possibilities for mythical solutions!

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Our imagination creates room for innovation. As the name suggests, we attract challenges and conquer them with our technical solution.


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It all started in 2015, on the same date when humankind set foot on the moon for the first time in history – 20th of July!

The time might have been different but the passion and determination to achieve the goal were the same. On this day, Sagar, the chief techie, instigated a community, a Posimyth community.

Start Journey 2014

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WordPress VIP Agency

We were providing WordPress Custom Web Applications based on WordPress VIP Standards to our Customers. With that, We were providing UI/UX, Graphics Design, SEO, SMM, Digital Branding and many other services.

The Plus Addons for Elementor

A collection of 120+ Widgets and Extensions to Supercharge your Elementor Workflow.

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The Plus Blocks for Block Editor | Gutenberg

Making sites with Gutenberg can never be this easier and fun, unlock the unbeatable customization with 80+ Blocks.

Nexter WordPress Theme

Your WordPress sites theme needs to unlock its truest potential, Level up with most customizable WordPress theme.

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WDesignKit (Coming Soon)

Jump-start your website design with beautiful, fast and flexible UI Kits for Elementor, Gutenberg and more.


What all solutions we’ve provided

For Posimyth, designing is about building efficient and affordable web solutions that help small businesses to thrive.

Passion WP theme was our first product launched in mid-2015, offering a flexible WP solution to the people of the entertainment sector. And next came the Halftoon WP theme made for photographers and photographic studios, followed by our Service WP theme. And, with our constant effort to develop innovative web solutions, we intend to achieve more milestones and support more business.

Ideologies & Values

We believe in great ideas and simple solutions.


Our core values make us who we are.

Focusing on the well-being and needs of individuals. people centric
Building strong relationships based on honesty and dependability. Trust
Understanding and connecting with others on a emotional level.Empathy
Doing what is right and upholding moral principles.Integrity
Quickly adapting to changing circumstances and embracing new opportunities.Agility
Pursuing excellence in one’s work and taking pride in one’s achievementscraftsmanship
Encouraging innovation and taking calculated risks to drive progress.Entrepreneurship
Working together to achieve common goals and maximize collective impact.Collaboration
Maintaining a healthy work-life balance and prioritizing self-care.Balance


Our Mission is to build effective and affordable web solutions to help small businesses grow and compete with giant corporations.

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Yodeling our way to success

Yodeling through our ups and downs, we have finally gained the momentum.


100,000+ Happy Users

Uplift your business to 10 steps ahead – create an online presence with handy tools at lucrative prices

Awards and Accolades

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Awwwards Site Nominee 01 Elementor Addons Awards 03 Best CSS Nominee for theme 02 Trending Author @envato 07 Upwork Pro agency award 01 WPexplore listed 01
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envato winner 1
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WordPress Design Plugin

Team & Leadership

We are an enthusiastic team of innovators, relentlessly searching for better solutions. Constant creativity, innovations, and resilience are the key infrastructure of our community.

You never get tired of doing what you love! ❀️

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Alone, we can do so little; together, we can do so much.


We believe, our growth lies in the growth of our team. Let’s work together towards your goals and prosperity.