Our Experience Sponsoring our First WordCamp Ahmedabad 2023

After seven years of navigating the twists and turns of the business world, our team at POSIMYTH Innovations was gearing up for something new. The past couple of years, especially after the upheaval of Covid, had us rethinking our approach.

So, when the opportunity arose to sponsor our very first WordCamp locally in Ahmedabad, it felt like the perfect chance to dive into the heart of something fresh.

The excitement Twirl through the office was contagious. We were all hyped up to make the most out of this event and share our experiences. Little did we know that the 9th of December, 2023, would mark a significant milestone in our journey.

WordCamp Ahmedabad was more than just an event for us at POSIMYTH Innovations. It was a vibrant platform where we delved into the heart of WordPress, connected with a dynamic community, and celebrated the spirit of innovation. 

From sponsoring the event to active participation, our team’s experience was nothing short of exhilarating.

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What are WordPress WordCamps?

WordCamps are essentially community-organized conferences centered around WordPress, the popular open-source content management system. These events are organized globally and cater to everyone, from casual users to developers, designers, and business owners who leverage WordPress in various ways.

They’re not just about technical discussions; WordCamps cover a wide range of topics. There are sessions on content creation, design, development, marketing, SEO, and even business strategies. It’s a place to learn from experts, ask questions, and gain insights into making the most out of WordPress.

Beyond the talks and workshops, WordCamps foster an incredible sense of community. They’re a melting pot where individuals with different skill sets and experiences come together to share knowledge, collaborate, and build connections. 

Whether you’re a beginner eager to learn or an expert wanting to network, WordCamps offer something valuable for everyone.

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Helping Organize WordCamp Ahmedabad 2023

Our CEO, Sagar Patel, played a pivotal role as a key organizer for WordCamp Ahmedabad. His dedication and passion for the WordPress community shone through as he worked tirelessly to ensure that the event was a resounding success.

WCAhmedabad scaled

From the close of office hours well into the depths of the night, he, alongside other fantastic organizers, tirelessly toiled until 2 AM. Their mission? Ensuring every aspect, from sponsor management to seamless communication with attendees, ran like a well-oiled machine.

The clock didn’t dictate their commitment; their passion for making WordCamp Ahmedabad an unforgettable experience did. Their relentless efforts ensured that every detail was tended to, leaving no stone unturned in delivering a flawless event.

It’s this kind of dedication that truly made the event a resounding success.

Sponsoring Our First WordCamp for the Community

While our CEO Sagar Patel, was helping organize WordCamp, our team at POSIMYTH was busy planning something special for our booth. We wanted to make it the coolest spot at the event! 

Sponsoring WordCamp Ahmedabad was a significant milestone for us at POSIMYTH Innovations. We were excited to be part of an event that fosters learning and collaboration within the WordPress community. 

Starting with the booth design, our team at POSIMYTH collaborated with our design to create an eye-catching setup. But that’s not all! We dived into the nitty-gritty, crafting cool keychains, stickers, and other branding elements. 

Our mission? To ensure that everyone who visited our booth left with swag they’d love!
To jazz things up, we came up with six unique sticker designs and even had temperature checker bottles. The excitement was brewing as we geared up to share these awesome goodies at WordCamp Ahmedabad!

Here are some snaps of stickers


To make our booth a must-visit spot, we didn’t just stop at swag – we launched a super exciting game – Arrow Strike! 

Out of the 1000+ attendees at WordCamp Ahmedabad, a whopping 700+ joined in on the fun at our booth to play this game and snag some goodies.

For top game scorers! Our special agency bundle awaits the highest achiever, featuring all five of our premium products. Redeemable for a one-year license, it includes The Plus Addons for Elementor, The Plus Blocks for Gutenberg, Nexter WordPress Theme, WDesignkit, and UiChemy. Winners also receive 1 site, 5 site, and unlimited site coupons as a bonus!

It was incredible to see the enthusiasm as folks gathered around, eager to participate and win cool prizes. Our game became the talk of the event, drawing in a crowd that brought such vibrant energy to our space!

But wait, there’s more to our booth story! Amidst the excitement of our game and swag galore, we set up a unique canvas. This canvas showcased two popular page builders, and we invited visitors to mark their favorite.

The results? Well, they weren’t all that surprising! Elementor stole the show, winning the hearts of the majority. It was fascinating to witness the clear preference and enthusiasm for a specific page builder among the attendees. 

Looks like Elementor was the undisputed champion at WordCamp Ahmedabad!

Elementor vs Gutenberg 2 1 scaled

Our sponsorship allowed us to contribute to the vibrant atmosphere of the event and support the community that has been instrumental in our journey.

Our Experience & Takeaways

Our journey at WordCamp Ahmedabad was an eye-opener. It hit us hard just how immense and incredibly resourceful the WordPress community truly is. It’s not just big; it’s bustling with passionate and resourceful individuals, making it one of the most vibrant communities out there.

Posimyth Innovations at WCAhmedabad

This experience affirmed our commitment: we’re here for the community and because of the community. It’s why we’ll continue supporting WordCamps, contributing to the open-source ethos of WordPress, and lending a hand to core contributions whenever we can.

Moreover, this event wasn’t just about external connections. It was an internal win too! Our team had a blast being a pivotal part of this event, engaging with other WordPress enthusiasts, and soaking in the shared passion for this platform. The camaraderie and exchange of ideas among our team and fellow WordPress aficionados were simply priceless.

The success of our experience at WordCamp Ahmedabad has inspired us to continue our active involvement in the WordPress community. We are committed to exploring more opportunities to contribute, learn, and grow within this dynamic ecosystem.

What’s Next? Will you be part of the Next WordCamp?

That decision lies with the community. If given the chance, I would love to be involved again, directly or indirectly. At POSIMYTH, we’re actively contributing in multiple ways to the WordPress Community. Our upcoming focus is on the accessibility department, and we’ve committed to sponsoring or supporting local WordCamps.

We’re also considering pledging for Five for the Future. We’re exploring various avenues to engage with the WordPress Community.

Our journey at WordCamp Ahmedabad 2023 was nothing short of extraordinary. It was a perfect blend of learning, networking, and fun. We look forward to creating more memorable experiences and forging lasting connections within the vibrant WordPress community.

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